Dream Of America

This began as a speech for the Women’s March in Nashville, TN: October 17th, 2020. It has grown. To read the full transcript, please visit: https://allisonrussellmusic.com/the-d…
“Dream of America” Written & Performed by Allison Russell
Executive Producer: T Bone Burnett
Producer: Colin Linden
Video by: Jesse Mechanic
Published in: Rolling Stone
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I don’t believe in the American Dream…But I Believe in the Dream of America. Silence and Shame… I resist them everyday. I speak anyway. I felt an urgent need to share this before the US election. I was only able to do so by the grace of ally-ship unparalleled… These are such anxious and contentious days here in America – it’s easy to forget that we are really one family…
I feel beyond grateful that we will be welcoming our first Madam Vice President on January 20th, 2021. My 6 year old daughter spontaneously began clapping and cheering and singing during her speech. Whatever your political leanings, I hope the sky getting bigger and closer for all of our girls is something that you can acknowledge and celebrate.
Sending love and light and strength and hope to the people of Georgia who will be voting in the Senate Runoff come January 5th. Stacey Abrams and Fairfight will once again be getting out the vote!
peace and healing,
cover photo by Frankie Cepero, Art Direction by Niki Smith Frazier
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