I don’t believe in the American Dream…
But I Believe in the Dream of America…

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Rolling Stone and Rolling Stone Country for publishing #dreamofamerica today.
To read the Dream of America Essay/Transcript:
Silence and Shame… I resist them everyday. I speak anyway.

This began as a speech for the Women’s March in Nashville, TN on October 17th, 2020. It has grown. I felt an urgent need to share this before the election. I was only able to do so by the grace of allyship unparalleled… T Bone Burnett and Colin Linden helped me record this audio a few days ago, my manager Carissa Stolting connected me with Kelli Hix at the Metro Nashville Archives who donated much of this footage, Jesse Mechanic made the video in 2 days in the midst of his own busy schedule. My new team at Fantasy Records supported me in this endeavour (they will also be releasing my debut solo record in 2021!!). Meghan Helsel at Grandstand Media and Joel Amsterdam helped me find a platform – and the wonderful music journalist and writer Jonathan Bernstein advocated for it and published the piece on Rolling Stone.

These are such anxious and contentious days here in America – it’s easy to forget that we are really one family… Listening to Brandi Carlile and Alicia Keys sing #abeautifulnoise for #everyvotecounts last night was healing, hopeful, uplifting. I am adding my voice to the choir. To my beloved American friends and family – I ask you to please use your beautiful vibrant voices and #vote 
Vote for the millions of us who cannot…
With all my love,


Excerpted from Rolling Stone

Watch Songwriter Allison Russell’s Spoken-Word Essay on Race, Identity, and Voting

“I want to be a good ancestor — to leave this country, this world, better than we found it,” says the Our Native Daughters member

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